About Us

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Why Organic?

Here at Topline Naturals, we believe in a more sustainable and conscientious way of living. We are keen to use our knowledge and experience to create beautiful, sustainable products. We believe people and horse owners on their own journey to living a more sustainable life should not need to compromise on quality or performance.

My wife Sarah has competed in dressage at both Young Rider and International levels, so naturally had high expectations, which I share. It was not until we welcomed our daughter Lizzie into the world in 2013 that we really started to look around for ways to reduce our toxic burden and footprint. We found that several well-known products had no ingredients list at all. Some products, labelled as being natural, contained Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Parabens, Quaternary Ammonium compounds or colourings.

I have a background in chemistry, so Sarah encouraged me to use that knowledge to design and make some products for her. They had to work as well, if not better than products already on the market and smell great. After a year of development and many different prototypes, they finally gained approval. It was not too long before owners on the yard were asking to buy their own bottles.

Our Genuine Concerns

Unlike with human cosmetics that must be certified to meet the EU regulations, there are no regulations for pet products. Although I knew the products were sustainable and eco-friendly, I wanted people to be confident that there was no greenwashing and no compromises. The Soil Association is the UK’s foremost certifier of organic products. Not only do the certify the contents, they also ensure that the packaging is eco-friendly and set exceedingly high standards for sustainability.

As the only company in the world to create horse grooming products that are independently certified by the Soil Association, to be genuinely sustainable, eco-friendly and organic, you can be confident that our claims are not just skin deep, they are in our DNA.

“I absolutely love Topline Naturals. The ethos behind the brand and the recyclable packaging is just amazing. The products themselves being organic are all brilliant and show such super results, my favourite has to be the leather balm. It’s like nothing else I’ve used before, my tack looks like new every single time” Katherine Kirby, dressage rider